I got such nice feedback from my 40 Day Prayer Challenge that I wanted to do another one.  I asked what people wanted and the biggest request was a 40 Day Meditation Challenge.

I am going to make it baby steps, geared to those without a daily meditation practice.  If you already meditate regularly I think you will get good things out of it too.

My plan is for the 40 days to end on Easter, April 1st.  So Day 1 will be February 21st.  That seems far away in some ways.  But it will allow me to prepare and get posts scheduled.

I also want people to pair meditation with prayer, so I am trying to get my prayer sheet tips gathered for people to prepare before the meditation challenge.

Possible Ebook

I also think I am going to take the 40 day prayer challenge and make an e-book.  What do you think?  Would you want to share it with friends?

Share the Upcoming Meditation Challenge 🙂

Please share the news about the upcoming Meditation Challenge!  Let people know they can join in the fun by either joining the MPoWeR Facebook page.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1614844878750309/

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I am not sure if I will still keep posting to Instagram, as that didn’t seem to get a lot of interaction.  Please let me know if you only followed on Instagram and I will reconsider that.

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