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I met with Sheridan after a good friend recommended me to her. I had felt very strongly that there was a son who wanted to join our family.  I had talked and waited for years and my husband had kept saying no.  I felt like this person who wasn’t even a physical being was just as real as my two living daughters. I was devastated and it was ruining me And my marriage.  Sheridan was able tune in and share about some attachments and family patterns and history.  She helped acknowledge and balance some of the energy. Now it was not immediate but over the next several weeks things did begin shifting. I can now say that I feel good about my relationships and accept my circumstances with grace and love. I was able to move on and feel completely healed of that pain I carried with every heart beat.  I feel very good about the direction my life has taken and feel very blessed to have met with Sheridan.

Patti in South Dakota

My son has struggled his whole life (5.5 years) with behavioral/anger issues.  As a family, we tended to see him as a saboteur to everything and treated him that way.  I sensed that there was so much more to him and that he was actually very sensitive and loving.  It seemed, though, that there were precious few who ever saw that side of him.  It was exhausting to deal with him every day and our family was suffering.  I talked with Sheridan about him and we were both sure that he had birth issues that needed to be cleared.
Boy did he!  After Sheridan’s session with him the change was obvious and immediate.  He was playing with cousins at the time and came in the house crying after getting his feelings hurt.  He wanted me to just hold him for the next hour!  His normal response would have been rage and an inability to express why he was upset which would have carried on to a grudge for hours.  Over a month later I am still in awe of the change that has come over him.  He spontaneously asks for hugs and is talking about his feelings.  He has set goals for himself to control his anger, which is still a part, though now minor, of his personality.  I am so thankful to Sheridan for helping my sweet boy come to life and changing the environment in my whole family.  What a miracle!

Loralie –

Working with Sheridan has changed my life. I am more free and clear now of all of the emotional baggage from the past. I have been able to move past old patterns and into a more positive way of living. I am better able to access the skills and knowledge I have now that old beliefs and imbalances aren’t getting in the way.  Energy work has helped me more than all of the years in talk therapy.  She has also done energy work on my children and they have greatly benefited.

Sheridan is insightful, intuitive, non judgmental, and spiritually connected. She has a gentle way of guiding while respecting everyone’s own path.



Sheridan has an amazing gift that she so generously shares with others, and I love that she has been able to help me determine what modality to use for almost any ailment my family has experienced.

She has facilitated improvement in my husband’s digestive issues by releasing trapped emotions from his childhood.  She has also done energy work on my children, with great results.

And what’s so convenient is that she has been able to do her energy work for our family by email, text, or in person.  And it’s truly amazing how so much of our family’s ailments are caused by trapped emotions, which truly gets to the ROOT cause of the issue and gives your whole mind, body, and spirit a chance to heal.

Angela –

Sheridan has been doing energy work on my family and I for three years now. We have had much success from healing current illness to releasing generations of emotional damage.

She once was able to find the cause of a rash my young daughter had. This was especially telling of the benefits of her work because we had taken her to two different doctors who couldn’t give me any reason/cause for the rash. Sheridan muscle tested that there was something in the carpet that was causing the rash. At this time this daughter would come into my room at night and sleep on our carpet in our room. We laid a sleeping bag and pillow down so her skin wouldn’t be exposed to the carpet and her rash went away!

Another great experience is when my 9 year old was struggling in school. She was having a hard time comprehending. Sheridan did some energy work on her brain and found generational disabilities that was limiting her ability to comprehend. She released that disabling energy and that same day I noticed improvement. My daughter did her homework all on her own that night and hasn’t looked back!

Tiffany –

My four year old daughter has suffered with neuropsychiatric, sensory and numerous physical symptoms from birth. Traditional modalities only seemed to worsen her symptoms and three years of intensive integrative medicine, targeted nutrient therapy, and biomed resulted in very few gains. Finally when I had nearly lost all hope, we were led to Sheridan.

Sheridan does work for my daughter that frankly I formerly would not have understood but I now have a strong appreciation of Sheridan’s work as I have seen the truly amazing results of her work for my daughter. Sheridan has identified root causes of my daughter’s challenges that NO medical test could have picked up. She has also helped clear these same root causes giving my daughter and my whole family a new lease on life!

I have observed major shifts and gains for my daughter precisely when Sheridan has done energy work for her. In addition to the energy work that she does virtually (she is in California and we are in Ohio), Sheridan has provided me with a wealth of resources so that I can learn how to assist my family in having healthy energy boundaries.

Sheridan has developed tremendous skills which she has nurtured in order to help so many families. I hope that more families with children who suffer from autism spectrum disorders, neuropsychiatric issues or any other manifestation of symptoms will be lead to Sheridan. Her work continues to change our lives for the better!


Finding Joy in the Journey Classes Testimonials

Tracine – We’ve all seen that object lesson with the walnuts (or other large objects) and the rice (or other small objects). If we put the walnuts first… We can fit all the rice. I’ve always believed this principle, but until the [eternal warriors] class, I never had anything beyond, “yea I believe that’s true” to actually put the principle into practice. I’ve never been consistent with my daily prayers and scripture study. With this class, I’ve got that down and am now more confident that I can master other tasks, create healthy habits, and battle addiction forming behaviors. It’s incredibly powerful. The curriculum coupled with the support from other moms all with different parenting circumstances has been great. 

Loralie –

I’m currently taking an LDS class called “Mothers Who Know” that has really helped strengthen my mind and spirit to win against the attacks of Satan. It’s sort of a training program designed to instill the power and tools needed to override temptations and possible addictions for yourself and your families. We are learning to be powerful Mom Warriors! To fight for things that are important to us and our families.


We have several goals that we are all working on and keeping daily track of including: Prayer morning and night, daily meditation, Writing in a journal every day, and Reading scriptures every day. Now can I just say that I had underestimated the power of doing these things on a consistent basis. I mean, this is nothing new and I have done these things in the past, but maybe not all of them, all at the same time and every day.


One of the moms has a goal to reduce her time spent on facebook because she noticed it didn’t make her feel good about herself and was a time sucker. So she deleted the facebook app on her phone and put the scriptures app there instead, in that same place. Now when she is somewhere with a few minutes to look at her phone, and the habit is to check facebook, she is reading the scriptures instead. This may seem like a small change but I think it has eternal benefits. There is power in the word of God and it can offer us a protection against the adversary.


This class changed my life! I am so grateful for what I learned and the wonderful tools I received to grow and become a better version of myself. I learned how to recognize some of the things the adversary uses to make me addicted to “worldly” things and distract me from what is really important. I learned how to become a more disciplined person and how to better achieve my goals. Thanks to this class I am much better at constantly reading the scriptures, saying my prayers, writing in my journal and making good goals in my life that keep me happy and closer to God.

Brooke –

Eternal Warriors class has surprised me each week with powerful solutions to combating negative, discouraging thoughts and habits. I have not been this consistent in attempting to have more of the spirit in my life through prayer and pondering since my seminary days as a youth.  It’s been a goal of mine for years to write in a journal, and this class has finally helped me achieve that, and enjoy it as well!  I believe anyone can benefit from this instruction.  It has given me such great visualization tools and models to help me fight Satan and darkness.

Kim –

I love the Eternal Warriors class. Each and every week I have learned something that has strengthened me both physically and spiritually. I feel that I am learning to be a more powerful person as I have applied the principles and action plans and set goals taught within this program. I look forward to what I am going to learn or be awakened to with each class session. Sheridan is a great teacher and facilitator of a much needed class!!

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