What to Expect During a Session

What to expect during your appointment

I work one on one with clients, either in person or on the phone, or via e-mail/text.

Each session varies, depending on the clients needs.

The visit typically includes a combination of talking about your concerns and what is going on.  We discover what is underlying these issues.

We look at the thoughts and feelings you are having and often work on 2 models.

  1. Review to Learn.
  2. Choose to Create.

Then we release and balance the emotions and beliefs that need working on. Clearing any blocks that may prevent you from choosing to create something new.  This is often done with a brief visualization.

I take time to get a good understanding on what you want to work on and offer ideas and guidance to help you change patterns to help create positive changes.

I also share tools to help you implement the changes you want to create.


If you have children that you would like to combine into one session or a parent and a child that works as well.  The child does NOT have to be there during the visit.  


I also can work on animals!

Sample Session

Here is a video where I explain more and do a sample session.

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