This podcast episode is extra fun, because you get to use crayons!  That’s right, get a piece of paper and some crayons or markers and get ready to create a powerful color shield that can provide you energetic protection throughout your day.

This may seem crazy, but coloring a “color shield” is one of my student’s favorite tools.

In todays episode I will walk you through doing this, so by then end you can have this crazy tool too!

  • Green – Protects your Heart
  • Red – Physical Protection
  • Orange – Emotional Protection
  • Blue- Relational Protection
  • White – Spiritual Protection
  • Apron – to help you support your immediate family
  • Mail boxes – for others
  • PO Boxes for “special people”

Free Gift – Visualization

Once you have created your color shield with your mind and crayons, you can practice putting it on and strengthening it by listening to this visualization.   

In an upcoming podcast I will teach how I ground and shield each morning using a song and it takes me only 33 seconds.   

Want more help with Boundaries?

Create your own Castle of Confidence by Boosting your Boundaries!

Boundaries are so important to help us stay in a good place emotionally, physically and spiritually. When we have them set up we are in a grounded place which allows us to better serve and help others.

We need boundaries with everyone, from our family to our friends to strangers.

In this class I share over 24 tools and techniques that you can easily apply to set up good boundaries, with family, friends and even strangers.

I wrap the class up with a 20 minute visualization incorporating over 14 of the tools, in what I call the “Full Arsenal of Awesomeness” Visualization.

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Have you ever felt overwhelmed when you thought about someone you cared about who was struggling?

Maybe you drove by a car accident and started to cry, even though you don’t know who it was.

I have a tool to help those of us who are very empethetic and tend to carry that weight around with us, even hours after a situation is over.

In today’s episode I explain the Circle with Love and Let Go tool.

When I start to worry about a situation, I can’t do anything about, this is one of my favorite tools to use.  I use it almost every day.  From worrying about my son who is an EMT 2 states away, to world issues that tug at my heartstrings.  The Circle with Love and Let Go tool, helps me to handle these situations in a way that I can send love and still feel peace. 

Do you sometimes feel stuck in negativity? It could be because your vibrations are low.

In this podcast episode we talk about what vibrations are and then look at the vibrations of different things.

  • Words
  • Thoughts
  • Feelings
  • People
  • Places
  • Things

Then you will learn some simple tools to help raise your vibration.

One of the best tools is the Simplfied Feeling Wheel which you can access below.

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Our family is choosing to self-quarantine or “self-preserve” as we like to call it. So I was praying and asking God how I can still serve others while being at home.

He said it was time to start teaching online classes again. 🙂

I had taken a few months off to start writing The Mexico Miracle. I was excited to start teaching again.

Classes started this week and I decided our first class would be Staying Calm and Grounded with the Excitement of Covid 19.

I recorded it and am sharing it here for everyone.

Enjoy these tools to help in this interesting time.

I talk about MPoWeR in the video and don’t explain in in detail because in this particular class it was to people who are taking my next level class Hardwired for Happy (which is for returning students only)

So briefly here is the information –

  • M = Meditation
  • P = Prayer
  • O = Others
  • W = Writing in Journal
  • E = Exercise
  • R = Read Scriptures

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