Prayer Cheat Sheets

One of my favorite “tools” for praying is my cheat sheet.   I know we are not supposed to do vain repetitions while we pray.  Interestingly enough when I have my cheat sheet, my prayers are much more varied then when I am trying to think of things while I pray.

I have it as a word document and print it out every month or so.  Because I add people who I know have special needs at this time, or certain things coming up for our family. So I reprint it occasionally.

This is probably the simplest yet most powerful tool I have added to my prayers and I LOVE it.

Sample Prayer Cheat Sheet – make it your own!


Today I am focusing more on Prayer, but will talk about meditation too because as David O McKay said,
“I think we pay too little attention to the value of meditation; a principle of devotion… Meditation is one of the most secret, most sacred doors through which we pass into the presence of the Lord.”

Meditation is one of the biggest tools that has powered up my prayers. It connects my mind – body – spirit and connects me so quickly to God.

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Corrie Ten Boom’s Story about Fleas


Letter’s to God

2 Reviews of different safety apps

In the last 3 months I have tried 2 different services. Here are my reviews on Bark and Net Nanny.


Bark – I love it!

For us right now Bark is the best bet for cell phone. It also covers so many things, like Gmail, Chrome, Instagram, YouTube. It monitors images and videos…. texting too… so great!

Net Nanny

If you want to check it out, use this link and I will get a gift card if you sign up. 🙂

Net Nanny good for some things, not our old phone.

Net Nanny is great for our computers, but not so much for our cell phone (probably because it is old and it seemed to drain the battery too much.

I may try again when we upgrade phones.

Also if your phone isn’t locked down (meaning they have lots of apps and have a web browser on it, then net nanny may be a great choice.

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