T2 going to OCSA presented us with the challenge of having 3 boys in 3 different districts.  2 schools being around 30 minutes away in opposite directions.

Interestingly both T2 and I felt like this would all somehow work out.  When I thought about it, I would get nervous.  So I tried not to think about it too much and just prayed that it would work out.

We had prayed that T2 would only get in if it was for his best good and I added the families best good.  So I had to have faith that somehow getting him there would seemlessly fit into our lives.

The Train was an option, but that was a pricey option.  He could also take a city bus, but that would be 1.5 hour process.  So I was hoping to find a carpool.

We went to our first OCSA meeting back in May and we met Wendy and her son who was also a Film and TV student and they lived close to us.  She had another local friend who was going to OCSA.  Carpool came up right away.  T2 was thinking – You move too fast!  But the Moms were all super excited.  We stayed in touch over the summer and finally got together to work out the details.

Getting There

1 Dad works over towards OCSA and he was willing to drive the kids to school every day!  WOWWWWWW.  That was amazing.

Getting Home

Another Dad is driving for Lyft and he said he would be willing to pick the kids up every day and bring them home for $25 a week.  Whatttt???  This is so amazing.  All the parents jumped on that option.

We are only on the first week.  But if this really works out I would consider it a miracle.  I have a pretty complex carpool with T3 and while we hope to get a car for T1 so I don’t have to drive him to his school, that hasn’t happened yet and I am not sure on the timing of that.  So to not have to drive T2 to OCSA on a regular basis is a MIRACLE!!!

I see it as a wonderful answer to our prayers.  🙂

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