Enjoy Life with Energy Work

Learn how to do energy work so you can enjoy life more!

Enjoy Life with Energy Work is a simple yet powerful modality to help you learn how to do energy work for yourself and your family and friends.

The class is geared towards people with no experience to people with an intermediate level of experience with energy work.

One of my gifts is simplifying things.

I have taken over 21 different training’s over the past 11 years.

However, I have found in working with my clients, 80% of the time I use only a handful of things over and over again.

So I took a notebookI had created in 2013 and simplified that and added a few additional things I have learned since then. (Like grounding and shielding.)

I have it set up so that the main chart fits on 1 sheet of paper – SIMPLE.  There is also a workbook to refer to with more details.

Many people who have taken my course, had taken other courses before mine, but felt overwhelmed by what they had learned.  They have all expressed appreciation for how simple Enjoy Life is.  Yet are impressed with how powerful it is too.

One of my other gifts is teaching.

I teach clearly and stay on topic so that you can learn as much as possible in the least amount of time.

I teach simple steps you can take and give examples of me using those steps.

There is also a lot of time to practice on each other during class.  So when the class is over you feel confident in what you have learned.

Is this the right class for you?

If you are a newbie with no experience wanting to learn more about energy work, this is great for you.  I start with the basics and will teach clear and concise steps to take.  You will leave with information and skills, ready to go home and practice what you have learned.  With practice you will quickly become confident with your new skills.

If you have some experience with energy work, but want to increase your skills and tool belt, this is the perfect class for you.  You will learn quickly and can easily apply what you learn.  You will definitely learn a lot of new tools to use to help you and your family.

If you have lots of experience doing energy work I think you will still enjoy and get a lot from this class.  You will learn a few new tools.  You will love the simplicity of the charts and will find that it is a compilation of the most powerful things you need to know.

Online Classes

Enjoy Life with Energy Work is up and running Online!

Click here to visit the online classroom.