Eternal Warrior Online Class

Welcome to your Eternal Warrior Online Class.

Each Module needs to be completed and approved by me before you can move on.

So when you finish the first module and it says you can move on and it doesn’t let you, it is because I need to grade your quiz and make sure you are ready to move on.

Submit your Smart GOALS to me for Enlistment and once I have approved them I will give you access to the first class.

The other classes will be done a week apart.  I will grade your quiz and then let you know when you can move on.

Module 1 Eternal Warriors Class Introduction
Unit 1 Eternal Warriors - Introduction
Module 2 Eternal Warriors Class 1
Unit 1 Class One Worksheets and Instructions
Unit 2 Remembering vs Forgetting
Unit 3 Remembering Who You Are Visualization
Unit 4 Class One Homework
Module 3 Eternal Warriors Class 2
Unit 1 Tips for Tracking your PWR actions and Goals
Unit 2 Check in and Worksheet for Class 2
Unit 3 Satan's New Strategy
Unit 4 See Satanic Spin in Action
Unit 5 Class Two Homework
Module 4 Eternal Warriors Class 3
Unit 1 Check in and Worksheet for Class 3
Unit 2 Chemical Scale
Unit 3 Chemical Scale in Action
Unit 4 What is Discernment?
Unit 5 Discernment in Action
Unit 6 Class Three Homework
Module 5 Eternal Warriors Class 4
Unit 1 Check In and Worksheet for Class 4
Unit 2 Warrior Chemistry
Unit 3 Warrior Chemistry in Action
Unit 4 Class Four Homework
Module 6 Eternal Warriors Class 5
Unit 1 Check in and Worksheet for Class 5
Unit 2 How Free Agency is Affected by Biochemical Factors
Unit 3 Stony Pool "Prankster" in Action
Unit 4 God as a War Consultant
Unit 5 Class Five Homework
Module 7 Eternal Warriors Class 6
Unit 1 Check In and Class 6 Worksheet
Unit 2 Drills to Strengthen You
Unit 3 Drills in Action
Unit 4 Class Six Homework
Module 8 Eternal Warriors Class 7
Unit 1 Check in and Class 7 Worksheet
Unit 2 Warrior Power
Unit 3 PoWeR Actions in Action!
Unit 4 Class Seven Homework
Module 9 Class Eight
Unit 1 Check in and Worksheet for Class 8
Unit 2 Endurance is Easier with Teamwork
Unit 3 Teamwork in Action
Unit 4 Final Questions - Thanks!!
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