word-listI have this list of words posted on our front door that we see each time we head out to the world.  It is maybe a little odd, but it helps me remember where I want my vibrational level to be at.  It is a really great conversation starter too.  🙂

What do I mean by words having a vibration?

Try this experiment to see if you can feel the vibrations of words or emotions.

Say out loud, “Anger, hate, lies, busy.”

How does that make your body feel?

How do those words make you feel emotionally?

Now say out loud, “Peace, love, truth, exciting.” 

How do those words make your body feel?

How about your emotions?

Do you feel the difference?

Words have an energy or vibration.

They can be high vibration or a low vibration.  Their vibration creates a response in our body and mind.

Emotions also have an energy or vibration.  They can be high vibration or low vibration.

I have seen that words and emotions can be very closely related.

Choosing your words wisely can help you choose your emotions too!!

How can you do that?

Notice how you are talking.  I mean really pay attention to EACH word you use.

If something happens and you get frustrated.  What do you say?

I AM frustrated!!

or do you say

I FEEL frustrated?

There is a big difference.  When we say I AM something we are declaring it and claiming it, like we ARE it.

I don’t want to BE frustrated, so why would I say I AM?  Usually we speak without thinking about what words we are using and how they may affect us.  So this is the first place to start, awareness of our words.

It is normal to feel frustrated at times.

We are human, frustrating things happen.

So of course I feel frustrated at times.  But I don’t have to BE frustrated.  I can choose to feel it and then let it flow through me and focus on what I want.

How do I want to feel when something frustrating happens?  I want to feel peace or acceptance or hope.

So when something frustrating happens I can

  • Acknowledge how I feel – “I feel frustrated.”
  • Let that feeling flow down and out.  Or hand the feeling up to God and ask Him to take it.
  • Say what I want.   It usually isn’t as easy as saying I feel peaceful.  Because honestly how many of us can say it in the moment and feel it? You sometimes have to trick yourself into it by asking a question like –  How would it feel to feel peace in this situation?  It is amazing how well that works!
  • Search for perspective. How would it feel to accept my 4 year old is acting like a 4 year old?    How he is acting may be frustrating at times, but I don’t have to BE frustrated.

Do you want your vibration to be High or Low?

Do you want an easy tool to learn how to shift to a higher vibration?

You will love using the Light Switch Tool.  It is a way to put what I taught above into practice.

I also love using Gratitude.  I find that if I can find things to be grateful about the situation I am in, it can shift me higher almost immediately.  I used this tool when Devon was Kidnapped in Mexico and I chose to be Grateful to his Kidnappers.   If it can work for that I think it can work for pretty much anything.

So the next time you FEEL frustrated or angry or worry, notice the words you use.  Choose to use the Light Switch Tool OR search for something to be grateful for and Declare THAT!  I AM grateful.  🙂


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