Energy – we are all made up of energy. Everything on earth is made of energy: rocks, wood,animals, and so on, and so forth. To understand this, it helps me to think of how we are all made up of atoms, and each atom has energy.

If something in your body isn’t working well, it can be supported and helped by asking its energy to work to your highest good.

The more specific the request, the more terrific the results.

If someone is having a problem with their left leg, you could ask that their left leg’s energy work to its highest good.

But, even better would be to find out what the specific problem is. This is where muscle testing paired with energy work is so great, you can get very specific. I use charts with the Body Code to find the specific issues.  I would find that it is a specific nerve in the foot that is causing the issues, so asking for that specific nerve to work to its highest good.  This will bring about faster and more noticeable results.

I always ask if there is an underlying issue causing the problem.   Usually I will find some kind of emotion or belief connected to it.  Discovering this allows you to ask the emotion or belief to be released as well.  The energy shifts and the body is clearer and can heal more easily.

Simple, yet powerful.


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