I just realized that day 40 of the Meditation challenge didn’t post!   Here you go!

There is not one right or perfect way. I hope that you have learned a good framework for meditating over the last 40 days and that you now feel confident to meditate and even sit “silently”

I hope you have created an easy daily meditation practice and have the confidence to explore and find other meditation options if you want to. There are 100’s of way to meditate, find the one that is best for you and know it may change over time and that is OK!

Your needs will change as life happens. I started with 10 second meditations and did that for probably a year, before I moved onto 3 minute long meditations, then longer guided meditations and now I can easily meditate for over 20 minutes on my own. I have been meditating daily for well over 6 years now. I can’t imagine going a day without my meditation/prayer in the morning.

In fact there was a morning when I didn’t have time to meditate and around 11 am after yelling at my youngest a few times he asked, “Mom, did you meditate this morning?”
When I admitted I hadn’t, he said, “Please go meditate right now.” He knew that his life was better when I meditated too. 😊

Have you noticed any changes in your life over the last 40 days? What other changes would you like to see? Join in my next challenge – Vision Boards to help create those changes you desire to see!

And – Keep on Meditating!

Phase 1: Sing “I am a Child of God” and imagine the steps of grounding and shielding as you sing!
Phase 2: Set your timer
Using your finger movements – with a NEW MANTRA
Sing or Chant: “Peace, Be Still” a few times
Whisper “Peace, Be Still” a few times
Silently think Peace (breathing in for about 4 beats)
Pause (2,3,4)
Be (2 beats) Still (2 beats)
Pause (2,3,4)
Whisper “Peace, Be Still” a few times
Sing or Chant: “Peace, Be Still” a few times
(Just have fun playing with these different ways you can include sound in your meditations)
Phase 3: Now pause and be “silent”
Letting your thoughts float by.

Look at your Picture from yesterday and feel gratitude and excitement to see how it is brought into your life!

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