Here is a wonderful testimony a client sent me.

I met with Sheridan after a good friend recommended me to her.

I had felt very strongly that there was a son who wanted to join our family.  I had talked and waited for years and my husband had kept saying no.  I felt like this person who wasn’t even a physical being was just as real as my two living daughters. I was devastated and it was ruining me And my marriage.

Sheridan was able tune in and share about some attachments and family patterns and history.  She helped acknowledge and balance some of the energy. Now it was not immediate but over the next several weeks things did begin shifting.

I can now say that I feel good about my relationships and accept my circumstances with grace and love. I was able to move on and feel completely healed of that pain I carried with every heart beat.

I feel very good about the direction my life has taken and feel very blessed to have met with Sheridan.

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