I am teaching the lesson in Relief Society on Sunday and am using Make the Exercise of Faith Your First Priority by, Richard G. Scott.

I loved his talk, but really felt like he was a little irritated by the fact we are not doing the BASICS that we all know we should be doing.

I want to do an informal survey to find out what your spiritual habits are.  I know I have room to improve, I am sure we all do.  I guess I want to reassure the Sisters in my ward that many of us struggle with the basics, but also provide them with tips and tools to prevail!

So please take a moment to share what your spiritual habits are.


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Also, I would love for you to share your tips on how you are successful at these habits.


  1. I would love to read your lesson on making faith your first priority. Do you have it posted on your blog?

  2. I am teaching this lesson tomorrow in relief society. I would love any feedback or insight you can provide in helping me prepare for this lesson! Thanks!

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