OCSAT2 started OCSA yesterday.  OCSA is a Performing Arts Charter High School.  (Think FAME for all you people of the 80’s.)  It is tough to get into, you have to try out and only a fraction of the kids who try out are accepted.

We were super excited when he got accepted.  There were 3 things we were unsure about.

  1. He didn’t get into his first choice of conservatories
  2. How to get him there.
  3. The length of the days.

Conservatory Disappointment?

His first choice of conservatories was Commercial Music – which is no surprise as he loves to sing, play instruments and write songs.  I don’t know if I have shared that on my blog yet.  But he has a stage name of Gideon Rush and has a website and You Tube Channel.    He is always making music.  ALWAYS.

He tried out for Commercial Music and also the Film and TV conservatory.  He also loves to make videos.  In the last few years he has focused on making music videos.  Here is the one he made for part of his audition at OCSA.  This will show you his music talent (he wrote and recorded the song in the video.)

Alright then.  Now you know how awesome T2 is.  😉 He was disappointed for about 2 weeks about not getting into Commercial Music.  But then started getting excited about Film and TV.  Then they had a mixer for the kids to get to know each other and current Film and TV students and he was sold.  Super excited about his conservatory.  He will continue to take voice lessons and I imagine still write songs, perform, etc.

Insight into why

Interestingly I got an insight into why he didn’t get in.  He is a pretty spiritual and sensitive young man.  We were at church and he was practicing a song he was going to sing in Sacrament Meeting.  He was up by the piano singing I Know that My Reedemer Lives.  I was reading in Energetic Boundaries about music and how there is some music that has really low energy and can’t help but lower our energy when we are exposed to it.  I realized if he was in Commercial Music he wouldn’t have free agency about the music he was exposed to or maybe even have to perform.  That could definitely lower his vibration.  Whereas in Film and TV you are working on your own films and the director of the program is LDS and has some good standards set for what people are allowed in their videos.  People don’t understand the importance of the type of music they allow in their lives, so I am not sure what he would be expected to do in commercial music.

I think I will blog about the other 2 things later.  T2’s first day was GREAT.  T1 doesn’t start til September, so I can’t fill you in about him yet.  😉

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