Birth Trauma ClearingI love hearing from my clients about the positive changes they see after having a energy clearing session with me.  🙂  Thanks for sharing Patti!
My son has struggled his whole life (5.5 years) with behavioral/anger issues.  As a family, we tended to see him as a saboteur to everything and treated him that way.  I sensed that there was so much more to him and that he was actually very sensitive and loving.  It seemed, though, that there were precious few who ever saw that side of him.  It was exhausting to deal with him every day and our family was suffering.  I talked with Sheridan about him and we were both sure that he had birth issues that needed to be cleared.
Boy did he!  After Sheridan’s session with him the change was obvious and immediate.  He was playing with cousins at the time and came in the house crying after getting his feelings hurt.  He wanted me to just hold him for the next hour!  His normal response would have been rage and an inability to express why he was upset which would have carried on to a grudge for hours.
Over a month later I am still in awe of the change that has come over him.  He spontaneously asks for hugs and is talking about his feelings.  He has set goals for himself to control his anger, which is still a part, though now minor, of his personality.  I am so thankful to Sheridan for helping my sweet boy come to life and changing the environment in my whole family.  What a miracle!
Patti in South Dakota

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