I was so happy to get this feedback from a student about the rainbow shield I teach.

Do Energetic Boundaries Work?

I’ve been doing the rainbow shield everyday (I made it a personal progress faith goal since I’m serving in Young Women’s). 🙂

Sheild of Faith

I like to think of it as putting on my shield of faith. I think it’s interesting that I can use faith to protect me physically, emotionally, relationally, and spiritually; and that faith dispels the fear, worry, and discouragement that can come to us everyday.

I think that I used to only see faith as a spiritual shield (just the white layer) but seeing it as the different colors helps me see how it applies to all of life’s experiences. I guess before I never would have connected that taking on other’s negative emotions would be a sign that my faith is lacking or that I’m not using my shield of faith. It makes sense though because faith is what helps us believe and feel that everything is going to be okay and work out, and that belief helps dispel the fear or helplessness that can happen when something goes wrong for us or for someone else.

Rainbow ShieldI am so glad that she has found it beneficial and helps her to enjoy life more!

So many of my students who use their rainbow shield have noticed improvements in their relationships and in helping support them in other areas of their lives as well.  Give it a try!

I teach the Rainbow Shield and over 20 other tools for creating healthy boundaries in the Boost Your Boundaries Class.  


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