I love working with women and seeing the amazing changes that can take place as we work together to release emotions and old negative beliefs.

Here is a visual example of what can happen in one session!

My friend Andrea was visiting with someone and the suggested she draw a picture of herself.  This is what she drew.

Alone Misunderstood

She was a little surprised by what she drew and wrote and afterwards was feeling sad about it.

Could Energy Clearing Help?


I came over and we did an energy healing session together where we worked together and cleared out some old emotions and negative cycles she was running.

We worked together for about an hour and she was feeling lighter and so much better right away.  I also left her with some homework, one thing was to draw a picture of herself.    A few days later she sent me what she drew.  I asked if I could share it and she was kind enough to say yes.

photo (12)

There is the Andrea I know and love!!  So much happier.  🙂

I love that I can do this work with people and see the changes that happen in their life.  Things can shift so very quickly when we can let go of old emotions and cycles that are not serving us.



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