Do you know how some houses you go in and they just feel good and welcoming?  I love houses like that.

What about houses that you go in and they just feel kind of wonky… something is off?

I had a friend who lived in a house for a few years and never felt good there.  Her family didn’t like the house either.

One day she mentioned it to me and I offered to check to see if there was anything energetic we could clear from the house to raise it’s vibration.  She was willing to try anything.

This was a few years ago and I was a bit newer at clearing spaces, but I was happy to try.  I can’t even remember exactly what we found or cleared, but I do know that she and her family felt better in that home afterwards.   Also the next time she moved, she asked me to clear the new house before they moved in.

I have since cleared many spaces.  

One time I had a very vivid experience, which I was doing with a friend who was going to be staying in the space with her family for a short period of time.   The things we saw and cleared were kind of crazy, but there was a lot of darkness in that space.  It definitely felt lighter when we were done and she was no longer scared to stay there.

Now when I go to hotel rooms, I take a minute or two and clear the space.  Think of how many people pass through hotel rooms.  That is a lot of energy.  I just want my own families energy where I am sleeping!

If you are interested in learning how to clear spaces, or want some more tools to clear spaces,  I am teaching a class next week.  I have learned a lot over the past few years and am excited to share all the easy tools I have learned.

Join in the fun.

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