Have you ever been watching a movie with your kids in the room and you cringe when you hear or see something inappropriate?

Or what about when you are so excited to show your kids a movie you loved from your youth – like Back to the Future and then are shocked by all the swear words!

I am so excited I found VidAngel.  It is a great way to stream edited videos.  You can choose the level of editing you want in different areas, from language to violence to sex.  It is customizable.

ALSO it ends up being cheaper than Vudu!  And those movies you want to rent/stream but you have to buy them to stream them???  No longer a problem.  🙂

We tried it this past weekend.  My husband had been wanting to see Wild, but we don’t watch rated R movies, so I thought this would be a good test case.  So we set the filters (which you can customize for each movie, but we just set ours on pretty much the highest level and will use for every movie) and then watched it.  It was pretty great, you could sometimes see where she was swearing, but didn’t hear it.  There were definitely a few scenes that were removed completely and for that I was glad.  It was pretty clear what was going to happen in some.  So I don’t feel like I missed out on the plot at all.

The only downside?  My 17 year old now wants to hike the Pacific Coast Trail, and knowing Devon he probably will.  😉

Check out VidAngel and see if you love it as much as I do.

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