I love this story in the New Testament.

Jesus is leaving Jericho and a blind man asks for help.  Jesus stops and calls for him to be brought near and he asked him, “What do you want me to do?”

It is probably pretty obvious to everyone that a blind man would want his sight restored.  But Jesus wants him to specifically ask for what it is he WANTS.

And he did, “I want to see!”

Jesus gave him what he asked for, he restored his sight.

I think it is important to

  • know what we want to pray for
  • be specific in what we pray for
  • write it down and circle it over and over

It helps us remember what we want.

It also helps us recognize when we receive it and know that God helped bring it to us!

What do YOU want? 

If Jesus asked YOU today, would you be able to answer right away? 

Take time to write down what you want.  Make a Prayer Sheet and use it as you pray every day.  Then you will know and remember what you wan and when you get it, you will know from whence it came.

Luke 18:38-43

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