Whenever you want!

I love meditating in the morning before I pray. It gets me in a receptive state.

I also love meditating if I wake up in the middle of the night and can’t fall back asleep.  For me guided meditations are perfect for this.  I love using Sleep Phones so I don’t bother my husband!

I also love meditating when I am in a long line. Better than mindlessly surfing Facebook.

I love meditating before bed.  Helps me relax if I had a stressful day.

I have some friends who meditate in the car after they drop the kids off at school, and have run their errands, but before they go into the house.  They know once they go inside they will get distracted!

I don’t meditate all these time every day… but I do meditate EVERY morning before I pray.  It is habit, routine and it would feel weird to not do it.  I think an important key to daily practice is to do it the same time every day.  This routine can help you be successful.

The other times in the day are if I happen to have a chance and it comes to mind.

When is the best time of day for you to meditate?  Remember even a daily practice of 1 minute a day is better than no daily practice.  Have you found a consistent time to practice already?  When is best for you?


Sing “I am a Child of God” and imagine the steps of grounding and shielding as you sing!

Set your timer and

Using your finger movements – with a NEW MANTRA

Peace (breathing in for about 4 beats)

Pause (2,3,4)

Be (2 beats) Still (2 beats)

Pause (2,3,4)

Repeat until your timer dings!

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