Are you concerned about the potential for your daughters to get addicted to social media, texting, or any kind of screen time?

Has pornography creeped its way into the life of a family member or friend and broken your heart?

Do you want to help your youth learn how to stay clear of addictions?

My Next Young Women’s Eternal Warriors Class starts

Monday June 30th

Rancho Santa Margarita (address will be given to you after you enroll)


Eternal Warrior Class Series lasts 8 weeks

(If classes are missed due to vacation – there will be recordings available to make up class)

Here is the answer!


Eternal Warriors

A Book of Mormon based Self-Mastery Class for Youth

In years past, when Satan was intimidated by one of the up and coming Noble and Great Ones, he would attempt to have the Warrior killed while he was still very young (i.e. Moses, Christ). When Satan is intimidated by one of the Noble and Great Ones reserved to come forth in these, the last days, he attempts to have the Warrior eliminated by derailing him or her with Addictions.

We expect that all of today’s youth will be hit with opportunities to participate in behaviors that, without intervention, have the potential of becoming highly problematic. Some of these activities have the potential of becoming addictive. The life goals of a youth can be seriously threatened if an addiction develops. Sadly, we have seen many youth cross many important events (i.e. graduation, missions, college, and temple marriages) off their list of life goals, just because an addiction is getting in their way. We, at Sons of Helaman, are prepared to train these mighty youth to be ready to overpower addictions and fulfill their fore-ordination as

Eternal Warriors.

This class will empower the young warrior with:

  • Increased Spiritual/Biochemical/Emotional Discernment in order to recognize the more advanced/subtle Satanic Attacks.
  • Endurance to make sure his Heart/Mind/Spirit are strong enough to withstand the persistence of Satanic Attacks.
  • Skills similar to what is used by soldiers, athletes and musicians in order to be prepared for the Speed of Satanic Attacks.

For many years now, Sons of Helaman has provided the most powerful, cost efficient, Addiction Treatment Program available for youth. Due to high demand, we announce this new branch of services designed to provide Prevention Training.

Success in Eternal Warriors Prevention Class will be measured by acquiring 28 consecutive “perfect MAN PoWeR/GiRL PoWeR days.”

GRL goals:
Identify 3 target behaviors to “perfect.” Such as:

  • Controlled use of video games
  • Controlled use of social media
  • Doing Chores at home without being asked
  • (Youth will create their own goals for GRL goals)

PWR Actions:

  • P = 5 min prayer 2x daily.
  • W= letter to God or future spouse.
  • R= 5 min reading scripture or recommended literature.

Tuition Cost is $147 or only $97 if you register by June 21st.

$50 discount if you sign up by June 21st.

Please register by using with the recipient address of

Sheridan AT enjoybirth DOTcom

or call 949-292-3710 to arrange other form of payment.

Materials Cost is $50 for a kit that you order from of Farmington UT – Or upon request, I can order the kit for you, if you sign up by the 21st.  

Call 1-877-HERO-877 to order the kit or


the kit includes a book, a journal, a DVD, and a link to the recordings

each youth in the class needs his or her own journal but may share the rest of the kit if in the same family, please specify if you want a male or female journal when ordering

Want more information?  Contact me! 

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