I am already starting to write up my next 40 day prayer sheet.  I keep the main things, like praying for my family and friends and the things I do at church.   Then add the things specific for the next 40 days.  Trips we have, college auditions my son has, birthdays to celebrate.  A lot of “fun and exciting” things going on at my house.  I definitely want God’s hand helping me every step of the way.

The first 40 day official prayer challenge is over.  I hope you can take the things you have learned and continue to apply the ones that have helped you draw closer to God.

Take time to ponder your next 40 days or so.  For me my next sheet will actually probably cover about 50 days, because we will get back from a trip on day 50, so it feels right to just include that whole time period.  So there is flexibility in this, do what works best for you.

What is going on between now and Valentines Day for you?   Write it down.  What things do you want God’s help with?  Write it down on your prayer sheet and start circling!


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