I pray a lot, all through the day.

I bookend the day with a morning prayer with my Prayer Sheet and then a prayer before I go to bed.

Most of my prayers are done “in the moment” as I am going about my day.  If something upsets me, I say a quick prayer.  If someone comes to my mind I will say a prayer for them.  If I get a text from my prayer group I utter a quick prayer.  If I am driving on the L.A. Freeway and someone swerves towards me I pray!

There are too many things that happen throughout the day to wait and pray about it at night.  So I pray in the moment – this brings me peace and hope right when I need it.

Try praying about things as they come up.  You don’t need to kneel, you don’t need to say anything long. Some of my in the moment prayers are 1 word.  Give it a try and enjoy the power of always having a prayer in your heart.  

“Ye must watch and pray always.”

—3 Nephi 18:15


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