I’d love to help you find joy in Your journey!

I have been helping women

find joy

through challenging situations

for over 16 years!

Let me help you!

Available Resources


Positive Intelligence is the most powerful class I have ever taught!

These tools changed my marriage and my life!

My next class series is starting in October 2023.

1 on 1 support

I offer this support in a variety of ways, from phone sessions, to email sessions and more!

See the different sessions I offer and my availability here!


I have 2 birth related podcasts

The Gift of Giving Life

Enjoying Pregnancy and Birth

And of course one for enjoying life!

Finding Joy in the Journey


I am the author of 6 books.

3 are specific to birth: The Gift of Giving Life (spirituality of pregnancy and birth), Enjoying Pregnancy and Birth with Hypnosis, The Top Three Tips to Enjoy Birth

3 are specific to life: Power up Your Prayers, Tiny Steps to Meditation Success and The Mexico Miracle

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