Trainings I have Taken

Trained in Hypnobabies Jun-06
Introduced to Energy Work Aug-06
EFT 2006
Emotion Code 2009
Essential Oils 2010
Started Co-Author Gift of Giving Life Sep-10
Body Code Dec-10
PAM – amazing mentor and healer Jun-11
Meditation Training – with Felice Oct-12
Eternal Warriors – took Jun-13
Theta Healing Oct-13
Created My Own System Dec-13
Trained as Eternal Warrior Mentor Feb-14
Aura Personalities Apr-14
Healers Blueprint Training Sep-14
Reiki  11/1/2014
Energetic Connection Jan-15
Trained as Hardwired for Happy Mentor Mar-15
Foot Zoning May-15
Healing Hands – Allie Aug-15
Chakra Training Aug-15
Advanced Healers Blueprint Oct-15
Anahata Codes Nov-15
Intention Training – Katie Mar-16
Kimberly Watts Apr-16
Investigating Health Sep-16
Breakthrough Project (Advanced Weight Loss Training) Jan-17
Fascinating Womanhood Jan-17
Soul Code Training  Jan-17
Created My Own System -Enjoy Life with Energy Work Mar-17
Invesitgating Brain Nov-17
Soul Code Advanced Training Jan-18
Deep Past Trauma Nov-18

Positive Intelligence Coach Training          2022

Optimize Coach Training                           2022