Parenting Skills Class

Easy Meditation for Moms – AKA – Meditation in the Moment.  Only have 10 seconds? You can still meditate!  To access class, register or sign in on the sidebar to the right.

The Light Switch Tool – The most powerful tool to staying calm amidst chaos.

Creating a Rainbow Shield – Keeping your energy clear from others energy.  If your kids are angry, do you feel it and get angry too?  How about your friend is sad and you come home from a visit feeling just as sad as her?  This shield can help protect you from others energy.  Allowing you to stay grounded and better help them!

Cheerfully use Faith to Mother a Teenager – I love it, so many opportunities for growth.  So many opportunities to try and let go of control, while also recognizing there are certain things I do still have stewardship over and have to set certain boundaries.  However achieving the balance in that is quite the learning experience for us all.  Here is how I use my faith to do this!  (Not yet a class, but a good post!)

Spiritual Strengthening Classes

Help with Forgiving – How to forgive.  We have steps for repentance, but what are the steps of forgiveness?  I teach them to you here!

Become a Scripture Warrior – My favorite scripture study tips.

Staying Rooted to the Rock of Christ – A wonderful visualization to help you root to the rock of Christ.

Increase the Light – using light to fight against darkness and despair.  I talk about my experience with Devon being kidnapped in Mexico and how I used light to fight against the darkness.

Boost Your Boundaries – Increasing your peace by having strong clear boundaries.  This is my class where I touch on so many wonderful tools and then wrap them up in one wonderful, powerful visualization.

Finding Joy in the Journey – 8 week course. A Powerful life changing course!

Warriors against Pornography

Become a Warrior Against Pornography – Tools and support to help prevent addiction, as well as how to handle when your child IS exposed.  Because the question today is not if, but when.

How to stay strong during the fightGeared towards people supporting someone they love who is struggling with pornography.  These tools can also help someone who is currently struggling.

Tools to help protect your family –

Energy Workers Classes

Pre-Birth/Birth Energy Work – Coming to earth might be an easy or difficult journey or a mixture of both.  Regardless it will evoke different emotions for Mom and Baby.  Sometimes these emotions linger and can affect Mom, Baby or both.  This class is geared towards someone with experience doing energy work and focuses on birth and pre-birth issues.

Ancestral Clearing – I share many tools I have learned and visualizations I use so you can use them to help your own families as well as your clients in helping your ancestors!   I also cover how to set up appropriate boundaries with ancestors too.  This class is geared towards people comfortable with doing energy clearing.

ABCDE’s of Chakras – A quick explanation of how I help people with their chakras.

Energy Work 101 for Birth Workers – Anyone who works with pregnant or birthing moms will really benefit from these easy tools! No previous experience needed.  đź™‚  Plus I do dive a little deeper and give you some resources in case you are ready to learn more.

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