One on One Sessions

I worked with a few therapists before Sheridan.

They definitely helped me, but Sheridan got me unstuck from a place I had been wallowing in for several years. She has great energy, she’s a wonderful listener and she has techniques that work!

It has honestly been life changing working with Sheridan and I’m forever grateful for her and how she’s using her God-given talents and blessings to bless the lives of others.

– Laurie

I always leave an emotion clearing having a deeper understanding of myself, having had supported guided time to self reflect and become more self aware but also give myself grace and create a plan to better care for my self while honoring my goals and values.

I usually feel mentally and emotionally lighter after an emotion clearing session within 24 hours.

It is always worth trying different modalities of healing and self exploration.

Sheridan has many options to choose from, so you can find the one that works for where you are in your journey.

Sheridan has a natural gift for supporting others with energetic style coaching and clearing.

She has chosen to hone this gift into multiple modalities to support people in various ways/ with various needs.

She has educated herself on many topics and teachings that support her practice.

– M.

Complete Energetic Reset

My son isn’t as hostile as he has been this last 6 months.

He is more tolerant and happy.

Thank you!

– Allison


I’ve really liked the program and find it really helpful.

For the first time, I have more hope that I can change.

Knowing there is a way to overcome my weaknesses, and it just is taking this, concerted practice.

I also like that we practice being compassionate with ourselves and to not judge ourselves and to accept whatever progress we are making.

That piece of it, because it is reapeated and consistent throughout the whole program has helped me

NOT do what I normally do, which has been allow self sabotage

– feel bad about myself

– feel less than

– feel I’m not doing good as others

– feel like I’m not figuring this out

So I really like that focus of blameless discernment.

I like that I have been able to apply that in different areas of my life

and I can enjoy life so much more!

– Valerie

I like that there’s the concept, but there’s ALSO PRACTICE of how to make that happen because I feel like so many times I’ve had therapists say, “Well change your thoughts,”

“Okay, sure I’ll get right on that.”

Like gosh, I never thought of that before. That’s always been so frustrating to me.

I like that with PQ-Mental Fitness, there’s the science behind it, that your brain has been trained this way.

And then you CAN change the circuitry, with PRACTICE.

I really like the Mental Fitness/PQ Program a lot!

– Jenn

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