Light Overpowers Dark – How to Harness the Light

We live in a world with Light and Dark.  I like to focus on the light, but there are times when darkness enters my space and I use specific tools to help me overpower it with light.

4 Great Tools

I have 4 great tools I want to share with you to help harness the light so you can banish the dark.

(In case you want to read more about the “Mexican Adventure” click here.)

Bonus tool – 10 minute Guided Visualization to increase your light!

Listen here

or Download here (right click and choose save as) Increase Your Light

2 Options for More Help

Essentials to Enjoy Life – Group Coaching Class – available online.  You learn to strengthen your discernment and help your mind and body be in harmony with your spirit.

Personal Appointment – I provide individual support, coaching and emotional clearing to help people achieve their goals and increase faith and hope.

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  1. Beautiful, Sheridan! Thank you for sharing the things you are learning. I plan to send this to a few ppl who I know will benefit. I love how you put the things that many of us know into a concise format that turns our knowledge into power. Organization does that, I guess. Well done!

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