Can Love Out-Trump Bad Cooking?

I don’t love to cook.  I also don’t see myself as a good cook.

This can be a challenge

when I am asked to provide meals for people in need.

I want to, I am just nervous to.

The last time I cooked a meal for a family, I decided to do so just with LOVE, not uncertainty.

So as I cooked I just sent all the love I had for this family into the food I was preparing.

food(BTW, this is not a picture of what I cooked)

When it didn’t look pretty or yummy when it was done, I put God’s love into it too.  Praying a prayer over it and sending His love into it.

I made this with Love

I brought it confidently to the family and said, “I made this with love.”  And I knew that was true.

Later they told me it was delicious.

I am pretty sure that was because it was infused with love, not because of my cooking skills.  😉

My friend Lani recently wrote a blog post about Obsessive Eating Vs Sacramental Eating.

There were so many things I loved about it.   Here is one quote from her post.

And finally I listened. It took (and still takes) a great deal of effort, but I try not to obsess about what I’m eating. Of course God wants us to take care of our body temples. But I wasn’t taking care of my body temple. It was like the Word of Wisdom on steroids. And it was detrimental to me. I wasn’t preparing anything with “withsingleness of heart” (D&C 59:13). I prepared every meal with double-mindedness… doubt, fear, knowing I needed to eat, but afraid that what I was preparing to eat was going to hurt me. For someone else, double-mindedness might look like:

My cooking isn’t good enough.  That is my double-mindedness.

Love overcame that!  🙂

I actually do have a note card on my fridge that says, “I prepare Dinner with Love.”  None of my kids have commented on the food tasting better, but I do enjoy cooking just a tiny bit more now.