8 Tips to Keep Your Energetic Boundaries Strong

I work with someone that has had recurring issues keeping her energetic boundary intact.

I have gathered the tools I have learned while working with her.  I want to share so you can check yourself for these things.  (If you feel you need help or support learning or doing these things, feel free to make an appointment with me. I can help you with checking and clearing these things and also teach you how do to it for yourself.)

These can be done in any order.  You don’t necessarily have to do them all, but you may want to if it is a recurring problem.

1.  Pray every day and night for protection.

You are probably already doing this.  But it is so important.  I have a prayer cheat sheet and it is on my list to pray for protection!

Screenshot 2015-03-17 14.37.592. Do a Rainbow Aura Color Visualization.

I do this every morning after I pray.  I look at my colors and make sure they are ideal colors and are surrounding me and completely sealed as well.

3. Check your Chakras.

(My clients crown Chakra would sometimes be spinning at Super High Speed) These are the things I look for with Chakras – to help me remember I do A-E, though I actually usually start at E and go back to A as I am checking things.

I usually start at the Root Chakra and check it for E-A.  Then I check the Sacral Chakra for E-A, etc.   and then go up to the next Chakra.  Then once I am at the crown Chakra, I work my way back down.  Energy can go up and down the Chakras and sometimes everything will test good going up and there are issues going down.  So with people with boundary issues, I like to check up and down.

  • A – Aligned (Is it aligned correctly?)
  • B – Balanced (Is it balanced?)
  • C – Connected (Is it correctly connected with the chakra above and below?)
  • D – Direction (is it going in the right direction?)
  • E – Energy (Speed – is it going at the right speed?)

4. Check for Negative Cords

People with boundary issues sometimes tend to gather negative cords.  My client had over 1000 negative cords the first time I checked her!!!

(photo from etsy store - amillionideas)
(photo from etsy store – amillionideas)

This is the visualization I like to teach my clients for clearing negative cords.

  • Imagine gathering all negative cords in front of you, like gathering strings from balloons (the balloons represent the people who are corded to you) stuck to you.
  • Take imaginary scissors and cut the cords.
  • Hand the people attached to the cords to Jesus.  He will take good care of them.
  • Then imagine the white healing light of Jesus shining down on you filling the holes where the cords were attached.

It feels SO much better when you are not corded to so many other people!  🙂  This is something you could do every day until your boundaries are stronger.

5. Cast out any darkness

From negative thoughts to dark spirits.  Cast them out and send them away!

Also check your home or workplace.  In my clients case her home had a portal which was allowing negative things in.   It was like a revolving door.  Clearing her home and sealing that portal helped clear her space where she slept.  This helped provide a safe haven where she could actually rest peacefully.

Also check for “Hidden” things.  Often I will test that a client is free of entities and then remember to check for hidden darkness and there is something more.

6. Check for an energetic weapon

When I sealed my clients aura and it was wide open again within a day I got suspicious.  I found a hidden energetic weapon that was like a saw cutting open her Crown Chakra, leaving her completely exposed. We cleared that from her and it has helped her maintain her boundaries a lot more easily.

7. Ask for Angels.  

If you really struggle ask for an Angel to sit on your Crown Chakra to protect it.

8.  Stay surrounded by light. 

Light is stronger than dark.  Here is a great visualization to help you strengthen the light surrounding you.

Bonus Tip

9. Products to Help

I think for most people doing the exercises above is plenty.  However there are some people who are super sensitive and need extra support to strengthen their energetic boundary.  There are 3 great resources for them.

doTERRA-yes-oil-for-that1.  Essential Oils

I love using doTerra essential oils for strengthening my energetic boundaries.  Frankincense is so great for raising your own vibration, which in turn will strengthen your boundaries.  Some blends that I like to recommend for my clients are On Guard, Terra Shield and Elevation.

2. Vibes Up

Vibes Up is a company that infuses different items with energies from a mixture of crystals and other natural products to help protect you from all the energy around you and strengthen your own boundary.

They have anything from teddy bears, to jewelry to mats to put electronic devices on.

I find that it is helpful to wear my Vibes Up when I have a high emotion venue to be at.  (Such as a funeral)  But for me it isn’t something I need every day.  However some very sensitive people would benefit from daily use.

I have also used their mats under electronics, especially my sons room.  He loves having a fan blowing on him, white noise and DVD player and night light.  Wowsers, that is a lot of energy swirling around him.  So I put a mat under them to help.

*****Protect yourself from your cell phone.

We carry these with us like they are babies.  Sticking them in our pockets or even our bras!  They are sending out energy.  Vibes up has something to protect us from their energy.

I hope that this has helped those of you struggling with Energetic Boundaries.

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