How Affirmations Helped Me Survive My Trip

I was so afraid about my 33 Day Trip

We had a chance to do some long-awaited traveling in May and June, and I had a lot of anxiety and worries about it beforehand.

I did a lot of emotional clearing, life coaching, and using affirmations in the months before our trip, so I could find joy in that travel journey.

And it worked!

Affirmations are Powerful

I created a really nice comprehensive list of affirmations for traveling, which you can download at the bottom of the post.

I know the power of words that we choose to use. I’ve experienced that over and over again in my life.

And because I’ve taught my kids this, they get to teach me that too. Definitely Bryson was really helpful in reminding me of the power of my words during this trip.

I have a whole episode on how I used affirmations about snow to learn to embrace living in the mountains of Utah. And a really powerful story of how affirmations can affect your life.

When I was worrying about my upcoming trip months before it even started, I started gathering affirmations and started to use them about a month before we left.

I should have started using them sooner than I did!

Because I felt a positive shift once I started using them.

Even though we know about tools, we sometimes forget to use them.

And I actually have a podcast episode on that too, remembering to use the tools you have. And it’s funny, I did remember to use affirmations, but I forgot I could have used them a lot sooner.

Some reasons why I was worried…

There were a lot of reasons I was worried about our traveling. I had planned the France part of our trip two times before, and each time it was cancelled, thanks to COVID. Part of me doubted that all of my hard work would actually come to fruition. Then, because it had been so long to actually go on our France trip, we ended up smashing the family France trip with a trip Bryson was taking with my mom.

So in total, Bryson and I would be gone for 33 days. To Bryson, that was no big deal. He loves to travel, and he has unlimited energy as a 17 year old boy. However, I don’t love to travel. So that is an exceptionally long time to be away. Once I started using my affirmations, I started to believe that this trip could actually happen.

And I also started to believe I could survive being gone that long. And I started to develop hope that I could even possibly enjoy it.

Use Your Affirmations During Your Trip!

Then, I kept on using the affirmations during my trip. Every morning, unless we had a very early flight or train ride, I would say my affirmations. And it would help me to stay in that positive mindset.

And not only that, I’d think about the day before and anything that had come up and thought about how I could use my affirmations to process what had happened.

Listen to the podcast to hear my favorites and why I loved those specific ones. 

Download Travel Affirmations Here!