Become a Scripture Warrior!

scripture warriorHow are your Scripture Study Habits?

Be honest:

  • How are your daily scripture study habits?
  • Are you excited to study the scriptures every day?
  • Are you a 1 minute kind of “studier” or do you delve deeper?
  • Is it hard to find time to incorporate scriptures into your daily routine?

If we all know how important scripture study is, why is it sometimes so hard to do?

Scripture Study – One of the Keys to Enjoying Life

To help you more fully Enjoy Life, I have created a free video to help you become a stronger Scripture Warrior.

This video includes:

  • Over 7 tips to make scripture study more powerful and maybe even more FUN!
  • AND a Bonus:  Delving into your Patriarchal Blessing.

In September’s New Era there is a great article called Get Ready for Battle that helps to explain why you need to increase and upgrade your spiritual armor.

New Gear

Because scripture study plays such a huge part in strengthening your armor, it is important to become a Scripture Warrior!

Become a Scripture Warrior