My book which takes you tiny step by tiny step to meditation success.

Ten Zen Seconds – I started with this for meditation.  I got the book and applied it in my life.

Meditation App –
I was ready to step it up, so bought this app.

Meditation Class – My co-author of The Gift of Giving Life has an online introduction to Meditation Course.  I took it and this really jumped my meditation practice up.  I did a 40 day meditation challenge using Kirtan Kriya (see below) I have meditated almost daily since then.  For over 2 years.
Easy Meditation for Moms  Let me know if this doesn’t work. This is a lesson I gave in Relief Society about meditation.


Here are some links to Kirtan Kriya and studies that have been done on it.

Here is a really great video explaining the basics of it…. you can see the first 3 minutes free, then he wants you to pay to see the rest.  You don’t need to do that, because I have an MP3 which will walk you through it.  🙂  But he explains it so great, so I recommend watching.
The MP3 I am sending is of a 7 minute Kirtan Kriya.  
1 minute chanting Sa Ta Na Ma out loud
1 minute whispering
2 minutes silence
1 minute whispering
1 minute chanting
1 minute silence
When you meditate with Kirtan Kriya you take these steps
1. Take 3 Deep breaths
2.  Tune in by chanting Ong Namo, Guru Dev Namo which means I call upon the Divine that is within me.  I view it as connecting with my mind, body and soul or my infinite spirit – which is able to more easily connect with God.
3.  Meditate – whichever meditation or meditations you want.
3. Tune Out.  – Sat Nam – I honor the divine in me.
These are all in the MP3 I have attached.

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