“Must Own” Children’s Book to Protect your Kids from Pornography

With 3 boys, I am always on the lookout for tools, information, support to help them avoid a pornography addiction.  This is a huge problem in todays society and I would be foolish if I wasn’t proactive about this.

Well, I found a wonderful book that is appropriate for teaching children about pornography.


Good Pictures, Bad Pictures by, Jenson and Poyner


I love that it talks about our brains and how there is a feeling and a thinking brain and how understanding that can help us when we are exposed to pornography.

There is also a 5 step plan of what to do when you are exposed to pornography.

Let’s face it it isn’t about if, but when your child will be exposed to pornography.  When fellow teammates on the school bus are watching porn on their phones and passing it around it becomes an issue you can’t ignore.

This book is appropriate for probably age 5 and up, though it is fairly long and would have to be read over a few days.  I read it to my boys age 8-16 for a Family Home Evening Lesson.  The information was applicable to all.  Though for my 16 year old it may have seemed simple, it was good information.  My 8 year old easily understood it.  The information is presented in a very matter of fact way and is not uncomfortable to present.

It is so important we talk about pornography with our kids.  That we name it when we see it and that they have tools on what to do when they are exposed.

I have lent my copy to some friends with various age kids and all agree it is a must have book for families!