Get wild and crazy and try something different next time you pray.

Sometimes we think the “right way” to pray, it is kneeling and folding our arms.

But there are so many different positions we can take to pray and all are good!

I used to love praying IN THE CAR while I was driving. I could talk out loud and really have a great conversation with God.  Once I had kids and they got older I stopped doing this.  But sometimes if I find myself alone in the car, I do it and love the familiarity of it.

At night before bed I often LAY DOWN in bed and pray.  It is toasty warm and more comfy than kneeling.  I tend to pray longer if I am in that position…. unless I am really tired, then my prayers are really short because I fall asleep while praying.  So I have learned when I am tired at night, I STAND by my bed and pray.  Feels different and helps me stay awake! 😉

Some people like to pray while they WALK or while they RIDE THEIR BIKE.  Being out in nature and moving helps them to stay focused and feel connected to God.

Sometimes I BOW MY HEAD – sometimes I LOOK UP towards His Love.

Sometimes I FOLD MY ARMS – sometimes I reach out OPENING MY ARMS to receive.

I try to do 3 minutes of Cat/Cow Yoga moves each morning, waking up my body.  I find that I love to pray while I am moving in this way.  I have been praying this way for a few years now, I start my prayers this way and then when I am done sit in prayer pose and finish my prayer up.  It helps my mind and body stay connected and focused.

  • Sitting – 1 Chronicles 17:16-27
  • Standing – Nehemiah 9:5, Mark 11:25, Luke 18:13
  • Walking 2 Kings 4:35
  • Bowing – Exodus 34:8, Nehemiah 8:6, Psalms 72:11
  • With Hands Up – 2 Chronicles 6:12-13, Psalms 63:4, 1 Timothy 2:8
  • Kneeling – 1 Kings 8:54, Ezra 9:5, Luke 22:41, Acts 9:40
  • Prostrate – Joshua 7:6, Ezra 10:1, Matthew 26:39, Mark 14:35

What are different positions you have tried while praying?  Try something new today and notice if it helps you focus more, or is it more distracting?  Maybe have a different position for morning versus night prayers.

1 Timothy 2:8 “Therefore I want the men everywhere to pray, lifting up holy hands without anger or disputing.”




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