2 Tips to Knock Down Walls with Prayer

I love the story of Joshua

Today, we’re going to talk about how prayer can give you the power to knock down walls. I love the story of Joshua knocking down the walls of Jericho. God, didn’t tell him to break down the door to the city. God didn’t tell him to take a battering Ram and knock down the walls. God told him to circle the city with his army silently for six days in a row.

Then on the seventh day, circle it seven times and then blow the trumpets and shout. Do you remember what happened? They were obedient. I’m wondering how many were thinking it was crazy. And how many were thinking on the sixth day? Can’t we just blow the trumpets today? But they kept on going and being obedient.

And finally, the seventh day came and when they blew the trumpets and shouted, the walls fell down. Sometimes we need to circle our problems or a situation over and over and over again with prayer and hope and expectation that it will come to pass.

Tip 1 – Let others Faith help you Circle the Wall

Now, I have two powerful examples of this, that actually were not my prayers of faith, but my husband’s prayers of faith that he continued to circle.

At least one has come to pass and now I have hope the other one might. When we moved to Utah, our oldest son stayed in California. And my husband kept praying that he would move to Utah. And I honestly was just like, that’s ridiculous. He will never do that. I don’t even know if I ever prayed for it because I just felt like it was impossible, but my husband prayed for it all the time.

He circled the walls with faith, the walls of that situation, of Devon moving here, to be closer to us. He didn’t batter down the door. I don’t even think he really even mentioned it to Devon. He just prayed that one day Devon would move to Utah.

And then by a series of sort of unfortunate events, he did end up moving here and it ended up being really positive for him and for us, I feel like it healed our relationship in a positive way. And we now have a stronger relationship with him and it was fun having him live at home with us.

And I was amazed. That my husband’s prayers created this beautiful opportunity.

I believe in the power of prayer, I just couldn’t see it being possible

And I believe in prayers, I know prayers work, but I didn’t have the faith to pray that I just couldn’t even see that it was possible.

Probably like those people, at least some of those people marching around the wall were like, I don’t know if this is going to happen, but they did it. And I supported my husband and his prayers. I’m like, well, I hope that happens, but I’m not holding my breath.

Devon Going Back to School??

So another thing that my husband prays for Devon is that Devon will go back to school.

He started college and dropped out and is doing good things and learning good things and successful, independent, and is actually moving out now to live with some friends in a college town and his friends are going to college. And he’s just going to go there and work. And my husband has been praying and praying and praying and circling that wall that Devon will choose to go back to school one day.

I think really with Devon, I’m just the calm one. That’s like, Hey, Devon’s going to take his path. Whatever’s going to happen is going to happen. And I don’t pray for these specific things for. So, I don’t know that it’s a lack of faith as much as just acceptance, like, oh, Devon’s going to figure it out. But I love that my husband has that faith, that my husband is circling that wall and praying, and I’m just following along.

Okay. Whatever I love Devon, whatever happens is great.

My husband loves him too and knows whatever happens is great, but he has this wish and desire. That Devon will rise up and become the man that we know he can be. And part of that, he’s so smart and we want to see him, get a degree and get a good job.

And I just know it will happen somehow, but my husband does have this very specific vision. And I don’t know that it’s going to happen, but Devon did mention that maybe just maybe. He’d start going to college in January. And as I record this it’s August, I don’t know when I’ll actually post it. We’ll see what happens, but I know that my husband is going to keep circling that wall and praying.

And one day Devon will call and be like, “Hey, I signed up for classes” and my husband will blow that horn and that wall will be knocked down and Devon’s going to be successful and go to school. And pass his classes and get a degree. I think that could happen. And I will start praying for it now, too, that I saw that little glimmer of hope when Devon mentioned that to me. I like ran into my husband and I was like, you will not believe what Devon just said.

And Rob’s like, really? I’m like, yeah.

So that’s a personal example of how prayers can knock down walls.

Tip 2 – Prayers + Patience Can Knock Down Walls

I want to say it’s prayers plus patience can knock down walls. Again, I bet so many of those people following Joshua wanted to just blow that trumpet. Like on day two or day three, he’s like, Nope, let’s just be obedient.

Let’s allow it to happen on God’s time. And I feel that’s how it is with us and Devon, we have to allow it to happen on his time. But we can pray and we can circle that wall with love and prayer.

What do you want to circle?

I’d love to hear what, you want to circle. What is something big in your life that you feel like there’s a giant wall preventing you from achieving it, or someone you love that there’s a giant wall, preventing something good for them to happen.

And can you circle that wall with faith and love and prayer and help them to knock it down or just knock it down for yourself? Let me know. I’d love to hear.

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