Staying Flexible, Calm and Present Helped Me Enjoy a Wonderful Celebration

My son got married

My middle son recently got married and it was glorious. I will say I don’t usually do well with parties and wearing nice clothes and all these things made me a little uncomfortable, but I really was very intentional in how I wanted to show up the day of the wedding.

Prepared in ALL the Ways!

We did lots of preparing beforehand, so we were as ready as possible with details, but I also prepared myself mentally, emotionally, and spiritually and physically, so that I could have the best day possible.

Some different things that I did. I worked hard to find a dress that I could wear comfortably. So, these were some physical things I did ahead of time. Mentally, I really came up with a powerful mantra that I could focus on.

Staying flexible, calm and present helps me enjoy the day.

This is something I practiced ahead of time. For about a week or two before the wedding, I practiced staying flexible, calm, and present and enjoying different situations I was in. And when they would get challenging or if I didn’t want to do something, I’d say,

no, I can be flexible.

How would it feel to stay calm?

How would it feel to be present?

Then I would enjoy that moment.

When the day of the wedding came and things happened that I needed to be flexible about, I could remember, oh, when I’m flexible, I enjoy the day or something happened, and like, it felt a little bit not calm. I got a little anxious.

I could say how would it feel to feel calm. And when I feel calm, I can enjoy the day.

And same with being present. Because sometimes when I’m in large group situations, I’d just rather go hide in a corner and like read a book. So, I have to stay present.

I had practiced that beforehand and then just really using that mantra through the day.

And I said that probably 20 times during the day. And actually, I did pretty great. I did, I stayed flexible, calm and present, and I enjoyed the day.

I’ve shared this with some other people and they really liked how powerful it was.

So I thought I would share it with you guys.

Flexibility is key

For me, flexibility is key because I often get an idea in my head of how something should go or how something should look. And I even had written out every single picture I wanted taken and I gave it to a person to be in charge of. And then I had to choose to be flexible with it.

I had to say, that’s now his responsibility. It’s not mine anymore. And however, it goes, it goes and staying flexible in the moment was challenging, but I was able to do it.

PQ Reps helped me harness the calm

Harnessing that calm can be tricky in stressful situations, but this is where my PQ reps really came in handy. PQ reps are part of my positive intelligence, mental fitness course that I teach, but they’re very simple. They take 10 seconds and they really help me to stay in that place of calm. And I have a easy class where I’m going to teach some PQ reps to you.

I’ll talk about that at the end of this podcast.

And then being present. Really just breathing, looking around, seeing what’s happening, connecting with people, so powerful. And it was tricky towards the end of the wedding, because, the music was so loud during the party band. It was hard for me to be present and connect with people and the way that I wanted to, but I just did the best that I could.

It makes me think of Esther and in the Bible, they talk about how they had a feast of joy and gladness. And that’s another wonderful mantra you can have when you have a party or something important going on. Is focusing on the desire and that intention to have it be a feast of joy and gladness. That’s one of my friend’s mantras.

Her son is getting married this week. So her mantra is staying flexible, calm and present, help this to be a feast of joy and gladness. And I think that’s so beautiful too.

Practice ahead of time in smaller situations!

Know that when you have something big coming up or even something small that you want to go a certain way. That you can practice ahead of time, come up with a mantra or an affirmation that will help you to achieve what you want.

And then practice it ahead of time in little smaller situations, or just imagine the situation and practice running through it over and over again. And then in the moment during the day of use it, use that affirmation, use that mantra to help you stay in a good mental place. So that you can enjoy the day.

The Class is Still Available for Free

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