53. Are You Having Any Anxiety This Summer? This Tool Could Help!

I had to hop in and do a quick summer episode, after I had a cool experience at the firework show last night.

1. I miss doing this weekly podcast and am so excited to be back full time in the fall!  But am actually really enjoying working on The Gift of Giving Life Podcast.  It is more fun than I thought it would be.

2. I have been having some anxiety since things have been opening up and I have been venturing back into the real world.   How about you?   My most helpful tool has been grounding and shielding to help me through those situations.  I decided to offer free access to my Ground and Shield with a Song class for my newsletter subscribers.  https://sheridanripley.com/about-me/enjoy-life-newsletter/

3. Patriotic Songs have always been powerful to me.    Last night was especially healing!

Do you love Patriotic Songs? I would love to hear your experience with them.

Also, subscribe to my newsletter if you want access to Ground and Shield with a Song class. 🙂