Parenting Tools

Easy Meditation for Moms – AKA – Meditation in the Moment.  Only have 10 seconds? You can still meditate!  To access class, register or sign in on the sidebar to the right.

The Light Switch Tool – The most powerful tool to staying calm amidst chaos.

Creating a Rainbow Shield – Keeping your energy clear from others energy.  If your kids are angry, do you feel it and get angry too?  How about your friend is sad and you come home from a visit feeling just as sad as her?  This shield can help protect you from others energy.  Allowing you to stay grounded and better help them!

Cheerfully use Faith to Mother a Teenager – I love it, so many opportunities for growth.  So many opportunities to try and let go of control, while also recognizing there are certain things I do still have stewardship over and have to set certain boundaries.  However achieving the balance in that is quite the learning experience for us all.  Here is how I use my faith to do this!  (Not yet a class, but a good post!)