Discover the 10 Spiritual Languages to Feel More Connected To and More Nourished by God. -Episode 2:5

Spiritual Languages –

  1. Music
  2. Social Activism/Acts of Service/Love in Action
  3. Communing with Nature/Rocks
  4. Solitude/Prayer/Meditation/Pondering
  5. Ritual/Symbolism/Traditions/Temple
  6. Scripture Study/General Conference Talk
  7. Teaching/Learning/ Study Groups
  8. Gratitude
  9. Movement/Yoga/QiGong
  10. Creativity/Journal/Art/Vision Board

My Main Spiritual Love Languages Are… What are yours?

  • Music – I definitely learn spiritually through music. I often learn more at choir practice then church.
  • Social Activism/Acts of Service/Love in Action – This is a favorite. I am all about love!
  • Teaching/Learning – I love to teach lessons, or give talks, because I learn so much this way. I also love to feel the inspiration of the Holy Ghost as I prepare and as I teach.

Two Great Books to Delve Deeper

Whisper by Mark Batterson

The Love Languages of God by Gary Chapman