Do you ever feel out of control in a situation?

Maybe you want to respond calmly to a person, but your emotions take over and suddenly you are yelling, even though you promised yourself you wouldn’t do that again.

You are probably spinning and when you are spinning it is hard to stay in control.

The most important information I teach is about Spinning, how to recognize it and how to Stop.

  • The awareness of when I am spinning has made me a better wife and mother.
  • Teaching my family how to be aware of spinning has made my boys better friends and brothers.

I love to teach this information because it is so easy and powerful. Awareness is key to change.

The tool I teach to stop spinning is easy for most to learn and can be used in almost any situation.

I am so excited to teach this free mini-class on Spinning.   Sign up now!

At the end of class I will take a volunteer or two to talk through a challenging situation or relationship, to help them recognize their spin and walk them through the tool to learn how to stop spinning.

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