The Amazing Power of 1/24/50/24/1

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I love to teach people that our days/weeks/lives have different levels of joy.

Life is

  • 1% amazing…
  • 24% pretty good
  • 50% OK
  • 24% not so great
  • 1% horrible

This could be throughout 1 day, or throughout a month, or throughout a year…

This is so helpful, because when the bad things happen, I can remember, this is normal, of course 100% can’t be good.  Also, when the boring normal ok things happen, I can remember this is normal too. 

I was talking about this with my prayer group one morning.  One of my sweet friends was experiencing something very challenging in her life – that 1% horrible so we were praying for her.

I saw in my mind as I was praying, she was having this huge temper tantrum that she was in this horrible moment, and it was like she was in a jail cell.  Just having a fit! 

Finally, as we were continuing to pray, I saw her spirit calm down and as it did, she realized the jail cell door was not locked, that she had the power to open the door and step out into the 24% not great part of this experience.

As I shared what I saw, she shared some great insights.   She had seen the storm she was stuck in and likened it to bad weather. 

1% of the time we might have a tornado spin through our life.

But once the storm has blown through leaving its destruction, we can be in the 24% of picking up the pieces.  But we don’t judge ourselves because the storm came and wreaked havoc.  We just clean up the mess and put the pieces back together, getting to the 50% ok. 

We don’t try to control the weather.

I realized we also don’t try to change the weather.  When a tornado is coming, I am not out there yelling at it to go away.  Or yelling at myself (or my spouse) to make it stop.  We just hide in the basement and pray until it passes by. 

When we accept the situation and take God’s peace, He can more clearly show us the next step, the 1% change to make, which may just be to accept it, that may be the 1% for the day. 1% increments.

We just weather the storm and then pick up the pieces, knowing that things will get better.  Maybe not right away, maybe only 1% at a time, but the slope is more important that where we are!

Big storms don’t last forever

The nice thing is, big storms don’t usually last very long, then it moves on.

Embrace this is all part of the plan.

Peace in whatever place you are at.

Our worth doesn’t depend on the weather.

Trying to stop a hurricane is as stupid as trying to stop my adult child’s choices