Our familiy has been facing some interesting challenges over the last month.  Nothing life threatening, but definitely disruptive.  We each are handling it in different ways.

Staying Positive

I am an optimist at my core, so my way is to stay positive and pray with hope and faith that all will be well.  We can do it!   So I don’t really like to feel sadness, despair, worry…  However there are certain situations which will raise up these feelings.  It is part of being mortal.

For the past few weeks I had been feeling like something was trying to suck me down into despair, but I would notice right away and wouldn’t let it pull me there.  There were fears, but I just went straight to hope to dispel them.  I would feel sadness, but would go to gratitude so I wouldn’t feel it.  I think I was trying to skip the feeling step and move straight to the healing.

I teach others that we can be aware of these feelings without judgement.  Let the feelings flow through us and let them go.  Give them to God.  Ask for what you want to feel.

If I feel it, then it is real!

This works and has been helpful.  But I wasn’t really letting myself FEEL it.  It was a little too uncomfortable.  Like the situation would be REAL if I felt it.  I think sometimes I try to short circuit my healing and learning.  🙂  I am all about doing things quickly, but somethings take time and I have to honor that.

I was writing a letter to God about this and I felt impressed to write,

Cast out your fears, your despair, your sadness.  CAST IT OUT!!!

Stay in HOPE!  Stay in PEACE!  Stay in JOY!

Knowing that Christ paid the price to redeem ALL mankind from sin, if they will but turn to Me.

All will be well.

There is unlimited Hope, Peace and Joy available amidst all trials.

I thought, “I am not really afraid.  I am not in despair, I am not sad.  I have been praying and meditating and know that all will be well.  So I am not sure why I would need to cast this out.”

Flood of Emotions Unleashed

Well, later that very morning, something else happened, it was something relatively small.  Praise God, because it unleashed the flood of emotions that had been bubbling and simmering and out they poured.

Tears, yelling, anger, sadness, worry, frustration came pouring and gushing out.    I was grateful that this had happened so that my feelings could finally surface.  It was the straw that broke the camels’ back.  And I needed it to happen, so that I would finally feel.

I think that was what God meant when He said, “Cast it out!”   He was telling me, you ARE feeling fear, despair and sadness.  Let it go!  I had to FEEL them in order to fully let them go.  

Luckily these things did not come all pouring out on the person, rather they came out when I was in the car driving home.  So when I got home I could express my feelings with more love and compassion, compared to the wrath my van felt.  I did make sure I expressed my frustration, worry, etc but without yelling.  That good cry that morning helped me sleep later that night, like a baby.

Unlimited Joy, Hope and Peace

The next morning I woke up and felt lighter.  I tried to grasp the idea of UNLIMITED Joy, Hope and Peace.  So I prayed and pondered.  Here is the inspiration I was given.

You catch glimpses of it (unlimited joy, hope and peace).  When you are Still and in Tune with Me with meditation.  The Earth is full of it.  The Air is full of it.

Similar to radio waves.  Depending on the frequency you are tuned in to you will pick up and hear different things.  You have to choose.

You are mortal and face challenges so certainly there will be times you are battered upon the rocks in the river.  But the water of peace, hope and joy can surround you and buffet you up and protect you if you allow it to.

This situation is a wonderful opportunity to apply all you are learning and see it in action.  This experience allows Me to teach you.

I am all about gratitude.  I know it is the fastest way to raise my vibration, so throughout the last month I have found so many things to be grateful for.  I love that I could be taught to remember this is all just a wonderful opportunity for ME to learn.

You have learned, you need to feel it to heal it, submit to the feelings, let them wash over you, through you.

Feeling them with intention of releasing and casting them out helps them to dissipate.  Your spirit feels things, your body feels things, together they can harbor the feelings OR free the feelings.

Don’t be scared to feel, it is a wonderful, necessary learning opportunity.  After feeling and releasing, then you can level up to a higher vibration emotion.  By feeling them you can release them and that will free up the space needed to be filled with the unlimited peace, joy and hope.

Romans15_13Perfect Scripture

It was no surprise when the next morning I was led to this scripture

Romans 15:13 

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

So I have learned to heal I have to FEEL.  Also as I trust in God He will fill me with Joy, Peace and Hope, there is an unlimited supply of it! Remembering it is OK and normal to sometimes feel sadness, despair or fear.  I don’t have to hold on to it, but I do need to FEEL it, not just stuff it away.  As I feel it, acknowledge it, and let it flow through me as I give it to God then He can fill me with Joy, Peace and Hope.  The awesome thing, if I don’t feel it, God will give me an experience to help it all come pouring out!

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