word-listI wish I could teach the whole world about the importance of neutrality and give them the tools to stay neutral amidst chaos.  It would have really helped us the last few months with the election.

Look at these words and feel the vibration of them.

Think of the interactions you have had or have heard about surrounding the election.  Where do they tend to fall?

Pretty darn low!

Both parties are vibrating really low.  I could barely stand to watch the debates and read any information about the two main candidates.  The blame, anger and trying to incite fear….

How can we keep our vibrations high?

Remembering the Two Platforms can help us Rise up!


When you are confronted with an interaction, be it on social media or in person, it is so easy to just jump to our natural man response – which is usually judgement, fear and/or anger.

The key to finding peace is to pause and be aware of which platform you are on and choosing where you want to be.

Neutral is a good goal.

If you can’t go all the way to love and unity, go to neutral. 

Pause, take a breath, acknowledge your feelings of _____ and then ask for help to get to neutrality. (I do this by using my light switch tool.)  Then you are at a place where you can choose which platform you want to be on.

Yesterday I read this post by Nadia, where she explains why her fears of racism increased now that Trump was elected.  Her thoughts really made me think and have a better understanding of where her fear is coming from.  I appreciated her honesty.

She explained how she felt a lot of anger and fear when a friend on Facebook didn’t understand or respect her worries.  She tried to shame him and it resulted in some chaos and unfriending.

I couldn’t help but think, if both parties had paused and taken time to listen to the other and tried to understand where they were coming from and responded from a love and unity platform, how much different it could have ended.

She ended her post by saying – “My words might be all wrong. You might not understand them. I might not understand you. So, I ask, willing to dare everything, furious and deeply sad, but still holding on to hope: Where do we go from here?”

I hope we go to unity.

I hope we go to love.  I am reading a lot of both “sides” of the debate and wish they could speak from a neutral platform (or the love platform would be awesome too).  I think is what Nadia did so wonderfully.  She took a step back and got to neutral and expressed her worries.

I think the key is for each person to listen, be aware of which platform you are on, pause and get to neutral then choose to respond.

To remember we are ALL Worthy of love.

My 16-year-old son wrote a beautiful song about this.  The beginning of the school year there was an incident of unkindness on his school campus.  He felt deep sadness and fear.  He chose to respond from a place of love and unity by writing this song.

I think music can be a great tool to get us to neutral or even up to love.

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