3. The Trifecta of Curiosity, Courage and Neutrality

In the last episode we talked about the Vibrational Scale.

I used to want to help my students jump from lower vibrations up to the higher ones. However, I learned that it is hard to jump from low to high. It is much easier to take the bridge of neutrality to get there.

So in todays episode I am going to talk about

  • The two platforms – an easy way to see if you are high or low on the scale
  • The 3 steps to get to neutrality
  • How combining the trifecta of curiosity, neutrality and courage can get you securely on that bridge from low to high!

Download your Vibrational Chart here!

I refer to the vibrational chart that I taught about in last weeks podcast. I hope that this downloadable chart is helpful to you. I love printing it and hanging it where I can review it often. I used to have a much bigger size hanging on the inside of our front door! 😉

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