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The best tool to monitor your child’s thousands of texts without drowning

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Do you find it challenging to monitor your child’s phone?

  • The THOUSANDS of texts.
  • The hundreds of emails.
  • The websites they visit
  • Not to mention the social media accounts.

I will be honest when my older boys were younger, I would maybe check their phones every other week and it was so time consuming and mind numbing too!

Then I discovered Bark.

This is an AMAZING app that monitors your child’s

  • texts
  • emails
  • google drive
  • social media accounts
  • and MORE

Then I get an alert if something suspicious comes up.

It is so wonderful.

I save so much time and also everything is being checked, so I don’t miss out on any warning signs or dangerous things.

I go into more detail in this weeks podcast.

Also even Bryson, who is 15, likes Bark.

He feels like it is less invasive than me reading all of his texts.

And he will even warn me “You might get a Bark notice” and tell me what is going on.

I wish I had this tool when my older boys were younger. It may have prevented the whole Mexico fiasco!

You can get a free trial of Bark – just click here!