Body Code

The Emotion Code was great, but I wanted to delve deeper.

I got the Body Code Healing System in December of 2010 and started learning and developed confidence to start practicing on friends and family.

This is what took me from dabbler to feeling like an official Energy Worker.

Honestly the power of this tool amazes me.

By January 2012, I could say after a year of practicing on family and close friends, I felt like I could say, I am an energy worker.

I could easily tap into others energy (with their permission) and easily find out what they need to release and then help them release it.

I love it and have been able to help my boys, husband, friends and myself stay physically healthy as well as emotionally and spiritually healthy.

I wanted to start helping others, but in light of my intentions for 2012 (simplification), I was not wanting to go there yet.  I just kept helping friends and family, expanding a bit to acquaintances.

Interested in becoming an Energy Worker?

Those of you interested in helping yourself or your family, I really suggest reading The Emotion Code and practicing that first.  It is a great introduction to Energy Work. If it resonates with you and you want to delve in deeper get The Body Code System. You can be an energy healer in your own home!

Dr. Nelson came out with Body Code 2.0 a few months ago and I upgraded and LOVE it even more!