47. Carpool is my Kryptonite. Using Prayer in the Moment.

Have you ever worked hard to create something and then someone messes it up?

   I can tell you that is the ideal time to Pray in the Moment.  Ask for help to have compassion!

I did this the other day driving carpool.  I was picking up after school.   I was already worn out after a day running errands and my fun Yearly Exam which had be interrupted by a fire alarm.  So I was already a little on edge.  A child was missing, one ran to find her, then she showed up and another child went to find the child that went to find the other child.  Then the kids were fighting over who had to sit in the back back…. I said out loud to God – “help me stay calm!!”   Help me have compassion and not yell at these kids who are just being age appropriate kids.

I was able to do it, I am sure simply because of uttering that prayer.  God helped me in that moment to not freak out.

Carpool is my kryptonite.  We had this beautiful, easy plan laid out at the beginning of the year.  I only had to drive 1 time a week and my husband drove the other 2 mornings.

Then a new family moved in and out of compassion I wanted to add them into our carpool.  (We drive 30 minutes each way to get to our charter school, so really I knew her pain doing on her own.)  However adding her kids in really messed up the plan, in that I now drive 2-3 times a week and my normal car isn’t big enough to fit everyone.  So the whole family has to rearrange each week so I can switch cars with Carson the days I drive so I can drive the van for the day.  It is tricky with the Van situation, sometimes he needs the van.  Like this morning….

So on my prayer sheet I have been praying for a smooth transition to the car pool change.  I actually put the purple hearts and crossed it off, because it was going pretty well.  I wasn’t praying for it anymore.

Then Wednesday morning I realized I had forgotten to tell Carson I needed the van and I also forgot to ask Rob if he could drive that morning (he is thrilled, he now only has to drive once every other week)  Carson needed the van because he had these giant Rounds for his performance, but we were able to squeeze them into Rob’s car.  Luckily Rob was able to drive last minute and it all worked out, but definitely I had to re-find the reason why we are doing this new carpool, re-find that compassion.

Also I better keep praying for help with this transition. Or maybe just for carpool in general, especially the days I drive.  😉

What situations do you need extra compassion for?  Who can you extend some mercy towards today?  Remember you can pray in the moment if you need to.  However if there is a situation that comes up on a regular basis, you can add it to your prayer sheet!  

Matthew 5:7 “Blessed are the Merciful”

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