Christ Centered Energy Training Coming to Irvine in April

I have had many friends ask me how they can learn more about Energy Work.  I always suggest reading the Emotion Code as a way to start, but many would love to take a live class and have asked me to do one.  That is not something that I plan to do any time soon.
But I have found a great class that is a Christ Centered Energy Healing 2 day training.
Kimberly Watts is wonderful, I have met her and taken a 1 hour class from her, and have had multiple friends take her 2 day training and I have only heard great things about it.

April in Irvine

I am so excited because she is coming to Irvine April 15-16 to do a training!
This is for beginners on up.  So if you have been wanting to learn how to help you and your family find more balance and help releasing negative beliefs and feelings, then this is a great class to take.
You can see more details here.

There is a $50 deposit to hold your spot.  $400 total.

Pray about it and if God wants you to come ask him to bring the money easily to you!  🙂

I hope you can come!