Easy Meditation for Moms

I wish this was 1 big video, but for some reason I have it separated. As my 18 year old says, “Just keeping you on your toes!” 🙂


Power of Words

ABC’s of Mindfulness

Easy Meditation Practice



Print Out of ABC Meditation Handout


Me guiding you through some meditations.  Visit here to download.


I have a few different meditation apps and they are great.

My favorites are

  • Mindfulness (blue with white silhouette of person sitting in meditation stance)
  • Mindfulness Meditation  (other is green/blue and says Mnf)

Those two are very similar, you only need one.  I prefer Mindfulness, because they also have a body scan guided meditation.

  • Omvana – has some cool guided meditations.


Online Classes

when you are ready to delve in deeper.

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